NAECS Can Help to

  • Use aircraft-laboratory for flight inspection less often
  • Reduce the duration of each flight inspection
  • Facilitate performing commission settings

Main Advantages of NAECS System

  • Cost saving
  • Reducing flight maneuvers
  • Reducing flight inspection flight time
  • Running overnight and low traffic hours
  • Reducing fuel consumption
  • Possibility of manuevring in mountainous areas
  • Increas flight interval between periodic checks
  • Increase safty of flight inspection operations

NAECS Equipments

  • Drone
  • NAV Analyzer
  • Image transmitter/reciever
  • Professional Cam (Zoom 7x)
  • Intelligent System Control
  • High Accuracy Clinometer
  • Access points in Space With D-RTK
  • Data Link (20 Km)

NAECS Applications

  • Checking ILS(LLZ/GP) Signals in Space
  • Checking DVOR Signals in Space
  • Checking PAPI Lights

Frequently Asked Questions